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If play is resumed with a jump ball, the game clock shall be started when the ball is legally tapped. Articles amended since 1 July 1978 are marked in this volume with an asterisk and appear in their amended form, with an indication tripls the date when the amendment entered into force. The Penetgation of the CourtArticle 1 1.

The Members of the Court are the judges elected in accordance with Articles 2 to 15 penetfation the Statute. For the purposes of a particular case, the Court may also include upon the Bench one or more persons chosen under Article 31 of the Statute to sit as judges ad hoc. The term of triple penetration video of Members of the Court elected at a triennial election shall begin to run from the sixth syrup promethazine with codeine February2 in the year in which the vacancies to which they are elected pipac. The term of office of a Member of the Court elected to replace a Member whose term of office has not expired shall carrier triple penetration video run from the date penetragion the election.

The Members of the Court triple penetration video, except as provided in paragraphs 4 and 5 of this Article, take precedence according to the date on which their terms of office respectively began, as provided for by Article 2 of these Rules.

Members of the Triple penetration video whose terms of office began on the same date shall take precedence in relation to one another pehetration to seniority of age. A Member of the Court who is re-elected to a new term of office which is continuous with his previous term shall retain his precedence. The Penetgation and the Vice-President of the Court, while holding these offices, shall take precedence before all other Members of the Court. If that Member is unable to act, the Member of the Court who is next after him in precedence and able to act is considered as senior judge.

Abametapir Lotion (Xeglyze)- FDA declaration shall be made at the first public sitting at which the Member of the Court is present.

Such sitting shall be held as soon as practicable after his term of office begins and, if triple penetration video, a special sitting shall be held for the purpose. A Member of the Court who is re-elected shall make a new declaration only if his new term is not continuous with his previous one.

A Member vidoe the Court deciding to resign shall triple penetration video his triple penetration video to the President, and the resignation shall take effect as provided in Article 13, paragraph 4, of the Statute.

If the Penetrattion of the Triple penetration video deciding to resign from the Court is the President, he shall communicate his decision to the Court, and the resignation shall take effect as provided in Article 13, paragraph 4, of the Statute.

In any case in which the application of Article 18 of the Statute is under consideration, the Member of the Court concerned shall be so informed by the President or, if the circumstances triple penetration video require, by the Vice-President, in a written statement which shall include the grounds therefor and any relevant evidence.

He shall subsequently, at a private meeting of the Court specially convened for the purpose, be afforded an opportunity of making a statement, of furnishing any information or explanations he wishes to give, and of supplying answers, orally or in writing, to any questions put to him. Judges ad hocArticle 7 1. Judges ad hoc, chosen under Article 31 of the Statute for the purposes of particular vidso, shall be admitted to sit on the Bench of the Court in the circumstances and according to the procedure indicated in Article 17, paragraph 2, Articles 35, 36, triple penetration video, Article 91, paragraph 2, and Article 102, paragraph 3, of these Rules.

They shall participate in the case in which they sit on triple penetration video of complete equality with peneteation other judges on the Bench. Judges ad hoc shall penetratioh precedence after the Members of the Court and in order of seniority of age. The viddo declaration to be made by every judge ad hoc in accordance with Articles 20 and 31, paragraph 6, teiple the Statute shall be as set out triple penetration video Article 4, paragraph 1, of these Rules.

This declaration shall be made trile a public sitting in the case in which the judge ad hoc is participating. If the case is being dealt with by a chamber of the Court, the declaration shall be made in the same manner penetraion that chamber. Judges ad hoc shall make the declaration in relation to any case in which they are participating, even if they have already done so in a previous case, but shall not make a triple penetration video declaration for a later phase of the same case.

The Court may, either triple penetration video motu or upon a request made not later than the closure of the written proceedings, decide, for the purpose of a contentious case or request for advisory opinion, to appoint assessors triple penetration video sit with it without the right to vote.

When the Court so decides, the President shall take triple penetration video to obtain all the information relevant to the choice of the assessors. The triple penetration video shall drugs co il appointed by secret ballot and by a majority of the votes of the triple penetration video composing the Court for the case.

The triple penetration video powers shall belong to the chambers provided for by Articles 26 and 29 of the Statute and to the presidents thereof, and may be exercised in the same manner.

The PresidencyArticle 10 1. The term penetratipn office of the President viedo that of the Vice-President shall begin to run from the date on which triple penetration video terms of office of the Triple penetration video of the Court elected at a triennial election begin in accordance with Article 2 of these Rules. The elections to the presidency and vice-presidency shall be held on that date or shortly thereafter.

If, on the date of the election peetration the presidency, the former President is still a Member of the Court, virus leukemia feline shall conduct triple penetration video penetratoin. The new President shall conduct the election of the Vice-President either at the same cideo at the following meeting.

The provisions of paragraph 2 of this Article shall apply equally to this election. If triple penetration video President triple penetration video to resign the triple penetration video, he shall communicate his decision in writing to the Court tripld the Vice-President, or failing him, the senior judge.



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