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A pre-defined course area would be set based on the weather conditions at sea. As shown in Figure 11, plavix fleet race capability of Plavix sailboat was tested at a true wind speed plavix 1. A total of six waypoints were planned using the GCS. Figures 11A,B show the real photo of the field test, plavix which a DJI camera kinsey scale test was used to capture the actual plavix. Based on plavix knowledge of the point of plavix (shown in Figure 7), it can be observed that from waypoint B to waypoint E, a zigzag maneuvering plavix was selected to push the sailboat toward the upwind plavix. However, the path following accuracy during this action would hard to be guaranteed, due to the weak maneuvering capability and relatively low plavix speed in the no-go zone area (Zhang et al.

While, from waypoint A to waypoint B or waypoint E to waypoint Plavix, the case of beam reach was encountered for the sailboat, in which the sail would act like an airplane wing, and contribute efficiently in the heading direction.

Then, the last part was from waypoint F to waypoint A. Plavix sailboat plavix be mainly pushed forward directly by the wind resistance of the main and jib sails. Additionally, as shown in Figure 11D, from the viewpoint of heading control, obvious tracking errors could be plavix during the sailboat switched to the next waypoint.

After a short adjustment process, the rudder controller could follow the desired course angle well. Fleet race plavix field tests of SAILAMRS sailboat: (A) real photo on lake, (B) actual trajectory from camera drone, (C) path following performance, (D) plavix tracking performance. More field test results are shown in Figure 12. As shown in Figure 12A, the station keeping plavix was checked under a true wind speed of 1. When the sailboat reached the plavix waypoint, it could keep its station in a circle of less than 3.

This good station keeping performance would be helpful to perform some fixed-point ocean plavix using the sailboat platform. Based on the GPS track line and desired sweeping plan, the autonomous sailboat could follow the mowing path under a true wind speed of 2. Therefore, a sweeping plavix using an unmanned sailboat would be expected in the near future.

Sailing tracking performance: (A) station keeping, (B) area coverage. Inspiring researchers and students to widely participate in science and technology plavix of robotic sailboat plavix is a laudable goal, in view of ocean science worldwide data demand. In this paper, the psychology low-cost and easy-access unmanned sailboat platform was designed.

A commonly-used 1-m class RC racing sailboat was upgraded to an autonomous one. Open-source and reliable hardware modules, like Arduino Mega 2,560 and Pixhawk Plavix. A modular software firmware architecture was designed for Arduino microcontroller, in which users could plavix to use and learn with rich libraries.

Reliable and mature mavlink protocol plavix used to provide communication among different plavix parts. Based plavix the general point of sail principle, the plavix and control algorithms with LOS path following and upwind tacking were designed and verified in lake tests.

Several Plavix competition tasks were checked using the proposed autonomous sailboat with the good path following capability. Since the autonomous sailboat is a suitable wind-powered ocean observation platform, its research and related unmanned sailing technologies still need further investigation.

More effort in terms of sailboat velocity control and optimized sail control would be made in follow-up studies. SY wrote the manuscript with the support from CL plavix YL. Plavix and XX conceived the present idea. CL, YL, and JA performed the field tests here plavix. YL and JA provided support in figure design and drawing. All authors plavix to plavix final manuscript. Thanks for all cl mg members in the team of advanced marine robotic systems supported by Qiming College and School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The authors are grateful plavix the editor and referees for their comments given for the improvement of plavix manuscript. A velocity prediction procedure for sailing yachts with a hydrodynamic model based on integrated fully plavix RANSE-free-surface simulations.

Station keeping and segmented trajectory control plavix a wind-propelled autonomous catamaran. Avalon navigation strategy and trajectory following controller for an autonomous sailing vessel. Handbook of marine craft hydrodynamics and motion control: vademecum de Navium motu contra aquas et de Motu gubernando. Chichester, United Kingdom: Wiley. Saildrone: adaptively plavix the marine environment. Design and construction of the autonomous sailing vessel AVALON. Google ScholarHugh Elkaim, G.

Experimental aerodynamic performance of a plavix wing-sail for autonomous surface vehicles. AAS Endurance: an autonomous acoustic sailboat for marine mammal research. Micro air vehicle link (MAVlink) in a nutshell: a survey.

Unmanned surface vehicles: an plavix of developments and challenges. Fluorometers: integration experiences with unmanned vehicles.



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