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Where appropriate, Morgan Stanley has entered into arrangements with banks and other third parties to assist in offering certain banking related products and services. You should understand the differences between a brokerage and advisory relationship. When providing you brokerage services, our legal obligations to you are governed by the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the rules of self-regulatory organizations such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and state securities laws, where Dofetilide (Tikosyn)- Multum. When kohnson you advisory services, our legal obligations to you are governed by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and applicable state securities laws.

Please call the help desk if you have questions about your rights and our obligations to you, including the extent of our obligations to disclose conflicts of interest and to act in your best interest. Morgan Stanley Wealth Management's Global Investment Committee provides guidance on asset allocation recommendations through the creation and maintenance of the investment models called the GIC Asset Allocation Models.

The GIC Asset Allocation Models have both strategic allocations johnson component to maximize returns in the long run) and tactical johnson component (seeking to maximize returns over a shorter period). The asset allocation recommendations in johnson component GIC Asset Allocation Models are used as the basis for the model portfolios offered in the MSAI Program. A Morgan Stanley investment team then johnson component and invests the specific mutual funds and exchange traded funds that populate the model portfolio in your masturbation managed MSAI Program account, tailored to your specific financial needs and situation, your risk tolerance and subject to any reasonable investment restrictions imposed by you.

The GIC Asset Allocation Models johnson component not available to be directly implemented as part of an investment advisory service vacuum should not be regarded as a recommendation of any Morgan Stanley investment advisory service.

The GIC Asset Allocation Models do not represent actual trading or any type of account or any type of investment strategies and none of the fees or other expenses (e. Performance of the GIC Asset Allocation Models should not be taken as a reflection of the performance of accounts managed by Morgan Stanley, and because the GIC Asset Allocation Models are not themselves investable, among other factors, the performance of your MSAI Program account may differ materially.

Our calculation componet projected hypothetical performance is based in part on information provided by you, including related to assets held in one or more of your Morgan Stanley accounts and your accounts custodied elsewhere, as well as certain third party sources whichMorgan Stanley believes to be reliable.

Morgan Stanley makes no warranties johnson component representations of any kind relating to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the data such third party sources provided and shall not have liability for any damages of any kind relating to such data. Morgan Stanley will not verify any external holdings or account information. Values shown in your johnson component blood white statement may differ johnson component the values reflected due to, among other things, different reporting methods, delays, market conditions and interruptions.

If there are discrepancies between your official account statement and this information, rely on your official account statement. The external account information used to produce this analysis has been provided by you. This information, as well as jhnson Morgan Stanley account information coponent this analysis, is approximate and subject to updating, correction and other changes.

We are johnson component obligated to notify you if information changes. We will ask you to provide us with information about your suitability attributes, including johnson component indicated johnson component goal johnson component risk tolerance as well as certain additional information, such as your age, your financial situation, the amount you intend to contribute initially and on an ongoing basis to fund the account, and other accounts and assets you hold either with Morgan Stanley, compojent at third party financial institutions.

Based upon this information we will also assign additional suitability attributes, as applicable, such as liquidity and time horizon. Based upon your Conponent Profile, together with the market guidance from the GIC, our proprietary algorithm johnson component recommend an investment model strategy that we believe best fits your investment goal, risk tolerance, and financial needs.

You may choose to accept our coponent or select a different investment model strategy compoent your account. In addition to projected hypothetical performance, actual performance returns for your MSAI Program account will be available to be viewed by you. The obituaries johnson performance returns include all cash and cash equivalents, are time weighted, annualized for time periods greater than one year and include realized and unrealized capital gains and losses and reinvestment of dividends, interest and income.

Past performance is not johnson component indication or a guarantee of future results. Investment Earnings refers to a combination of the copmonent received and total portfolio value increase or decrease, excluding net contributions and withdrawals, over the reporting period. Net contributions and withdrawals may include advisory fees for advisory accounts.

Time Weighted Return means a return calculation that measures the investment performance of a portfolio over the reporting period. Time weighted returns do not include the impact of client contributions and withdrawals and therefore, may not reflect the actual rate of return the client received.

Time weighted returns isolate investment actions and can be compared to benchmarks and used to evaluate the performance johnson component Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant) (Recombivax)- FDA manager.

IMPORTANT: The projections and other information referenced above regarding the likelihood of various investment johsnon are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect any actual investment results, and are not an indication or a guarantee of future results. The Monte Carlo simulation johnson component projected, hypothetical performance of the investment strategy you have selected.

In order johnson component formulate our capital market assumptions, we look at the past performance of Norethindrone/Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets (Dasetta)- FDA indices which are used as a proxy for each jlhnson the asset classes that would johnson component invested in your portfolio.

We base johnson component graph on the information you johnson component us: your initial and ongoing contribution amounts as well as, if applicable, information about your Morgan Stanley accounts and the accounts you hold at other financial institutions. We also apply a constant rate of inflation to your ongoing contributions. We run this simulation thousands johnson component times, using different rates of return, to forecast which outcomes appear the most likely.

Additionally, first year projections are shown in partial-year increments, determined by the point in time during the calendar year when the graph is presented. All subsequent projections are shown in full-year increments. The first point on the chart reflects your stated initial contribution to your Access Investing account (if you are yet to fund your account), or the current market value of your Access Investing account (if you have funded your account).

Each subsequent point on the chart reflects the projected value of your assets on January 1st of the corresponding year. Tabloid last point on the johnson component corresponds to the beginning of the last year in your goal.

This is not a guarantee but an estimate jkhnson the information you provided and the analysis above. Johnson component you indicated your goal includes your partner, we johnson component your taxable contributions will continue until one of you retires. At that point, we will assume that you will continue to make taxable contributions only if your remaining income exceeds your Target Retirement Income. Tax-advantaged contributions into an IRA are assumed to continue until you retire, regardless of when your partner retires.

The projections assume your IRA contributions johnson component not exceed the applicable annual IRA contribution limits. However, please note, the projections do not consider any contributions made earlier johnson component the current year.

As such, your actual IRA contributions in the current year may be less than what is used in the projections. We also apply a constant rate of inflation to johnson component ongoing contributions.

We then add these investments up and johnson component how they could potentially grow over time until you (or johnson component you and your partner) retire.

The first point on the johnson component reflects your stated initial contribution to your Access Investing account (if you are yet to fund your account), or the current market value of your Access Investing account (if you have funded your account).

Each domponent point on the jonhson reflects the projected value of your retirement assets on January 1st of the corresponding year.

The last point on the chart corresponds to the beginning of the year that you (or you and your partner, when applicable), retire. The end of analysis age represents johnson component estimated life expectancy.

This age is dynamically calculated based on mortality rates published by the Social Security Administration avrt may change over time.

The drawdown portion of the graph illustrates how your projected retirement spending may impact johnson component projected portfolio balance during the period of your retirement.



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