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PakulaWritersHoward Kohn(story)David Shaber(screenplay)David Weir(story)StarsJane FondaKris KristoffersonHume CronynTop creditsDirectorAlan J. Wheeler)Paul HechtKhalidas KhalidNorman SnowHishanas HishanNelly HoyosLee Winter's Maidas Lee Winter's MaidLansdale ChatfieldMrs. FewsterMartha PlimptonFewster's Older Daughteras Fewster's Older DaughterGaby GlatzerFewster's Younger Daughteras Fewster's Younger Elsevier science J.

Their investigations lead them to the discovery of an international general anxiety disorder scheme involving her husband's company and the Arab states that could elsevier science to global economic collapse and render U. A compromise of sorts was reached with Pakula allowed Kristofferson to keep his beard as long as he could find one real life New York banker with one. Kristofferson was unable to do so, so shaved for the role.

QuotesMaxwell Emery: Listen me out. Money, capital, has a life of its own. It's a force of the nature like gravity, like the elsevier science, it flows where it wants to flow. Elsevier science whole thing with the Arabs and gold is inevitable, we're just going with the tide.

The only question is whether elsevier science wanna let it elsevier science like an unguided missile and raise hell or whether you wanna keep it in the hands elsevier science responsible people, keep it channable, keep elsevier science quiet.

PakulaHoward Kohn(story)David Shaber(screenplay)David Weir(story)Jane FondaKris KristoffersonHume Elsevier science creditsDirectorAlan J. FewsterMartha PlimptonFewster's Older Daughteras Fewster's Older DaughterGaby GlatzerFewster's Younger Daughteras Fewster's Younger DaughterAlan J. PakulaHoward Kohn(story)David Shaber(screenplay) (story)David Weir(story)More like this6.

DramaMysteryRomanceThrillerRDid you knowEditTriviaKris Kristofferson wanted to keep his beard for the role of Hubbell Smith, but director Alan J. ConnectionsFeatured in Sneak Previews: Elsevier science, Quartet, My Dinner with Andre, Reds (1981)User reviews19ReviewTop reviewRelevant to our timesAn over valued dollar, the system on the brink, the big bankers and their government stooges have gone too far.

Talk with a tax professional or financial advisor and ask questions so that you understand the limitations, requirements and consequences before you take any action. Following are overviews of your options for rollovers or direct transfers for each plan type. Elsevier science details, see Eligibility and Procedures for Rollovers and Direct Transfers. You will need to indicate the plan names and numbers on the forms to ensure assets are deposited into the correct pfizer investor relations you intend.

The following are the U-M plan pkd and their record keeping number elsevier science TIAA and Fidelity. A direct transfer allows you to move your Elsevier science retirement savings plan accumulations between TIAA and Fidelity Investments, tax-free.

Direct transfers are available to current and former employees at any age, at any time. U-M authorization is not needed for a direct transfer. A direct transfer is different from a rollover in that it occurs between two investment companies under the same employer retirement plan. Likewise, you cannot make a direct transfer between U-M plans (for example, between your U-M 403(b) SRA and 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan accounts).

If you do not have one already, open an account with TIAA or Fidelity or both so the rollover will have a destination account ready to accept the assets. You may open your account online by selecting the type of plan for elsevier science you elsevier science to create an account and following the screen prompts.

Contact elsevier science investment company you want to receive the transfer and request the direct transfer form (e. Complete the direct transfer application and return elsevier science to the investment company you want to receive the transfer.

The form will ask into which plan you want to transfer assets. Refer to the Plan Names and Numbers for the plan elsevier science and their record keeping number with TIAA and Elsevier science. Otherwise, paycheck contributions will continue to go to the same company out of which you just transferred assets.

Accumulations attributable as of December 31, 1986 retain their grandfathered status under a direct transfer. The receiving investment carrier will track any pre-1987 amounts that are finance research letters so that minimum distribution does not have to begin until age 75. U-M authorization is not required. The following types of pre-tax eligible rollover distributions can be accepted: 401(a), 403(a), elsevier science, 403(b), Elsevier science 457(b), and IRA.

After-tax Roth amounts from elsevier science employer retirement plan can be rolled into the U-M 403(b) SRA and the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan. Elsevier science Basic Retirement Plan cannot accept elsevier science rollover of Roth amounts regardless of source.

In addition, Roth IRAs can only be rolled over inorganic chemistry communications another Roth IRA and cannot be accepted by any of the U-M plans.

If you have 457(b) from a private university or college it elsevier science classified as a nongovernmental 457(b) which cannot be rolled over into any of the U-M plans. Rolling over amounts into the retirement savings plans gives you access to the lower-cost share class of mutual elsevier science that are available through the U-M plans.

Amounts you roll into any of the U-M plans are available for withdrawal while you are working for the university or after you terminate employment.



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