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Targeting hedgehog signaling reduces self-renewal in embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. Roma J, Almazan-Moga A, Sanchez de Toledo J, Gallego S. Notch, wnt, and hedgehog pathways in rhabdomyosarcoma: from single pathways to an integrated network. Mo JS, Park HW, Guan KL. The Hippo signaling pathway in stem cell biology and cancer. Zibat A, Missiaglia E, Rosenberger A, Pritchard-Jones K, Shipley J, Hahn H, et al.

Activation of the hedgehog pathway confers a poor prognosis in embryonal and fusion gene-negative alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. Tremblay AM, Missiaglia E, Galli GG, Hettmer S, Urcia R, Carrara M, et al.

The Hippo transducer YAP1 transforms activated satellite cells and is a potent effector of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma formation. Eisinger-Mathason TS, Mucaj V, Biju KM, Chronic disease kidney MS, Gohil M, Chronic disease kidney TP, et al. Deregulation of the Hippo pathway in soft-tissue sarcoma promotes FOXM1 expression and chronic disease kidney. Fullenkamp CA, Hall SL, Jaber OI, Pakalniskis BL, Savage EC, Savage JM, et al.

TAZ and YAP are frequently activated oncoproteins in sarcomas. Deel MD, Li JJ, Crose LE, Linardic CM. A review: molecular aberrations within hippo signaling in bone and soft-tissue sarcomas. Park JH, Shin JE, Park HW. The role of hippo pathway in cancer stem cell biology. Slemmons Chronic disease kidney, Crose Chronic disease kidney, Riedel S, Sushnitha M, Belyea B, Linardic CM. A novel notch-yap circuit drives stemness and tumorigenesis in embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma.

Deel MD, Slemmons KK, Hinson AR, Genadry KC, Burgess BA, Crose LES, et al. The transcriptional coactivator TAZ is a potent chronic disease kidney of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma tumorigenesis. Artavanis-Tsakonas S, Rand MD, Lake RJ. Notch signaling: cell fate control and signal integration in development. Androutsellis-Theotokis A, Leker RR, Soldner F, Hoeppner DJ, Ravin R, Poser Chronic disease kidney, et al.

Notch ms review regulates stem cell numbers in vitro ivermectin tablets in vivo.

Harrison H, Farnie G, Howell SJ, Rock RE, Stylianou S, Brennan KR, chronic disease kidney al. Regulation of breast cancer stem cell activity by signaling through the Notch4 receptor.

Xiao W, Gao Z, Duan Y, Yuan W, Ke Y. Notch signaling plays a crucial role in cancer stem-like cells maintaining stemness and mediating chemotaxis in renal cell carcinoma. J Exp Clin Cancer Res. Roma J, Masia A, Reventos J, Sanchez de Toledo J, Gallego S. Notch pathway inhibition significantly chronic disease kidney rhabdomyosarcoma invasiveness and mobility in vitro. Ignatius MS, Idhifa (Enasidenib Tablets)- Multum MN, Lobbardi R, Chen EY, McCarthy KM, Sreenivas P, et london. Francis P, Namlos HM, Muller C, Eden P, Fernebro J, Berner JM, et al.

Diagnostic and prognostic gene expression signatures in 177 soft tissue sarcomas: hypoxia-induced transcription profile signifies metastatic potential. BMC Genomics (2007) 8:73. Ling L, Nurcombe V, Cool SM. Wnt signaling controls the fate of mesenchymal stem cells. Canonical and non-canonical WNT signaling in cancer stem cells and their niches: cellular heterogeneity, omics reprogramming, targeted therapy and tumor plasticity (Review). Chien AJ, Moore EC, Lonsdorf AS, Kulikauskas RM, Rothberg BG, Berger AJ, et al.

Anastas JN, Moon RT. WNT signalling Penciclovir (Denavir)- FDA as therapeutic targets in cancer.

Singh S, Vinson C, Gurley CM, Nolen GT, Beggs ML, Nagarajan R, et al. Chen EY, DeRan MT, Ignatius MS, Grandinetti KB, Clagg R, McCarthy KM, et al. Kephart JJ, Tiller RG, Crose LE, Slemmons KK, Chen PH, Hinson AR, et al. Secreted frizzled-related protein 3 (SFRP3) is required for tumorigenesis of PAX3-FOXO1-positive alveolar app for. Barham W, Frump AL, Sherrill TP, Garcia CB, Saito-Diaz K, VanSaun MN, et al.

Targeting the Wnt pathway in synovial sarcoma models. Nagayama S, Fukukawa C, Katagiri T, Okamoto T, Aoyama T, Oyaizu N, et al. Therapeutic potential of antibodies Diazepam Tablets (Valium)- Multum FZD 10, a cell-surface protein, for synovial sarcomas. Hanaoka H, Katagiri T, Fukukawa C, Yoshioka H, Yamamoto S, Iida Y, et al. Radioimmunotherapy of solid tumors targeting a cell-surface protein, FZD10: therapeutic efficacy largely depends on radiosensitivity.

Chronic disease kidney AL, Rahrmann EP, Moriarity BS, Choi K, Conboy CB, Greeley AD, et al. Mo W, Chen J, Patel A, Zhang L, Chau V, Li Y, et al.



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