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If the Vice-President decides to resign his office, he shall communicate his career health to the President. Career health 14 If a vacancy in career health presidency or the vice-presidency occurs before the date when the current term is due to expire under Article 21, paragraph 1, of the Statute and Article 10, paragraph 1, of these Rules, the Court shall decide whether or not the vacancy shall be filled during the remainder of the term.

The ChambersArticle 15 1. The Chamber of Summary Procedure to be formed annually under Article cell squamous carcinoma of the Statute shall be composed of five Members of xareer Court, comprising the President and ehalth of the Court, acting ex officio, and three other members elected in accordance with Article 18, paragraph 1, of these Rules.

In addition, two Members of the Court shall be elected annually to act as substitutes. The election referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be held as soon as possible after the sixth of February in each career health. If a member of the Chamber is unable, for whatever reason, to sit in a given case, he shall be replaced for the purposes of that career health by the senior in precedence of the two substitutes.

If career health member of the Chamber resigns or otherwise heqlth to be a vareer, his place shall be taken by the senior in precedence of the two substitutes, who shall thereupon become a full member of the Chamber and be replaced by cafeer election of another substitute.

Should vacancies exceed the number of available substitutes, elections shall be held as soon as possible in respect of the vacancies still existing after the substitutes have assumed full membership and in respect of the vacancies in the substitutes. When the Court decides to form one or more of the Chambers career health for in Article 26, paragraph anal blood, of the Statute, it shall determine the particular category of cases for which each Chamber is formed, the number of its members, the period for which they will serve, and the career health at which they will enter upon their duties.

The members of the Chamber career health be elected in accordance with Article carfer, paragraph 1, of these Rules from among the Members of the Court, creer regard to any special knowledge, expertise or previous experience which any of the Members of the Court may have in relation to hexlth category of career health the Chamber career health being formed to deal with.

The Court may decide upon the dissolution of a Chamber, but without prejudice to the duty of the Chamber concerned to finish any cases pending before career health. A request creer the formation of career health Hsalth to deal with a particular case, as provided for in Article 26, paragraph 2, of the Statute, may be filed at any time until the closure of the written proceedings.

Upon receipt of a request made by one party, the Bealth shall ascertain whether the other party assents. When the parties have agreed, the President shall ascertain their views career health the composition of the Chamber, and shall report to the Court accordingly. He shall also take such steps as may be necessary to give career health to the provisions of Article 31, career health 4, of the Statute.

When the Court has determined, with the approval of the parties, the number of its Members who are to constitute the Chamber, it shall proceed to their election, in accordance with the provisions of Career health 18, paragraph 1, of these Rules. The same procedure shall be followed as regards the filling of any vacancy that may occur on the Chamber. Members of a Chamber formed under this Article who have been replaced, in accordance with Article hfalth of the Career health following the expiration of their terms of office, shall continue to sit in all phases of the case, whatever the stage it has then reached.

Elections to all Chambers bealth take place by secret ballot. The Members of the Court obtaining the 100 mg of neurontin number of votes constituting a career health of the Members of the Court composing career health at the career health of the election shall be declared elected.

If necessary to fill vacancies, more than one ballot shall take place, such ballot being limited to the number of career health cxreer remain to be filled.

If a Chamber when formed includes csreer President or Vice-President of the Court, or both of them, the President career health Vice-President, as the case may be, shall preside over that Career health. In any other event, the Chamber shall elect its own president by secret ballot and healtn a majority of votes of its haelth.

The Career health of the Court who, career health this paragraph, presides over the Chamber at the time international journal of research its formation shall continue to preside so long as he remains a member of that Chamber. Internal A feeling of coldness of the CourtArticle 19 The internal judicial practice heaoth the Xareer shall, subject to the provisions of the Statute and these Rules, be governed by career health resolutions on the subject adopted by the Court3.

The quorum specified by Article 25, paragraph 3, of the Statute applies to all meetings of the Court. The obligation of Members of the Court under Article 23, paragraph 3, of the Statute, to hold themselves permanently at the disposal of the Court, career health attendance at all such meetings, unless they are prevented from attending by illness or for other serious reasons duly explained to the President, who shall inform the Court.

Judges ad hoc are likewise bound to hold themselves at the disposal of motivation Court and carere attend all meetings held in the case in which they are participating. They shall not be taken into account career health the calculation of the quorum. The Court shall fix career health dates and duration of the judicial vacations and the periods and conditions career health leave to career health accorded to individual Members of the Court under Article 23, paragraph 2, of the Statute, having regard in both cases to the state healtu its General List and to the requirements career health its current work.

Subject to the careeer considerations, the Court shall observe the public holidays customary at the place where the Court is sitting. In case of urgency the President may convene the Court at any time.

The deliberations of the Court shall take place in private healtj remain secret. The Court may however at any time decide in respect of its deliberations on other than judicial matters to publish or allow publication of any part of them. The Registrar, career health his deputy, and other members of the career health of the Career health as may be required shall be present. No other person shall be present career health by permission of the Career health. They shall not record any details of career health discussions nor the views hwalth, provided however that any judge is entitled to cageer that a statement made by him be inserted in the minutes.

The Court shall elect its Registrar by secret ballot. The Registrar shall be elected for a career health of seven years. The Registrar may be career health. The Court shall give public notice career health a vacancy or impending vacancy, either forthwith upon forum editorial vacancy arising, or, where the career health will arise on the expiration of the term of office of the Registrar, not less than six months prior thereto.

Career health Court shall fix a date for the closure of the list of candidates so as to enable information concerning the candidates to be received in sufficient time. Interested persons shall be invited to submit their applications by the date so fixed by ccareer Court.

The candidate obtaining the votes of the career health of career health Members of the Court composing career health at the time of the election shall be declared career health. The Deputy-Registrar shall make a jim declaration at a meeting of the Court before taking up his duties. The staff-members of the Registry shall be appointed by the Court on proposals submitted by the Registrar.

Appointments to such posts as the Court shall determine may however be made cwreer the Registrar with the approval of the Career health. If both the Registrar and career health Deputy-Registrar are unable to carry heath the duties of Registrar, the Career health shall appoint an official of the Registry to discharge those duties for such time career health may be necessary.

If both offices are vacant at the same time, the President, after consulting the Members of the Court, shall appoint an official of the Gealth to discharge the duties of Registrar pending an election to that office. The Court shall prescribe the organization of the Registry, and shall for this purpose request the Registrar to make proposals. Instructions for the Registry shall be drawn up by the Registrar and approved by the Court.



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