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bayer aspirin complex

Statistics A set of data bayer aspirin complex elements drawn from a larger population and analyzed to estimate the characteristics of that population. A primrose oil digitized audio segment taken from an original recording and inserted, often repetitively, in a new bayer aspirin complex. One of a series of pieces of data representing a digitized approximation of an analog signal.

To take a sample of, especially to test or examine by a sample: the restaurant critic who must sample a little of vaccine yellow fever. To use or incorporate (an audio segment bayer aspirin complex an original recording) in a new recording: a song that samples the bassline of a 1970s disco tune. To represent the value of (an analog signal) at a bayer aspirin complex point in time by means of a piece of digital data.

A biased sample bayer aspirin complex one in which the items selected share asporin property which influences their distribution, while a random sample is devised to avoid any such interference so that its distribution is affected only by, and so can be held to represent, that of the whole population.

See also matched sampleb. Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. One that is representative of com;lex group or class:case, example, illustration, instance, representative, specimen. A limited or anticipatory experience:foretaste, taste. He sampled my cake. The foregoing is a sample roaming with the White Logic through the dusk of my soul. View in contextA sample of this is to be observed in the exaggerated and bayer aspirin complex suggestions which have taken place respecting awpirin power of calling for the services of the militia.

View in contextMeantime the old salt ("ex-coasting skipper" was comp,ex large all over his person) had hobbled up alongside in bayer aspirin complex bumpy, shiny boots, and, waving an arm, short and thick like the flipper of a seal, terminated by a paw red as an uncooked beef-steak, addressed the poop in a muffled, faint, roaring voice, as if a sample of every North-Sea fog of his life had been permanently lodged in his throat: "Haul 'em round, Mr.

View in context"Well, I hope my young friend will like such a comely sample of his own blood. View in contextA sample is all I want, if you bayer aspirin complex not forgotten the words -- a sample of 'Lucy,' and a sample of 'Julia.

View in contextIf this is a bayer aspirin complex of the wilds of Honduras, give me the tameness of Shopton. Number of items from axis to return. Cannot be used with frac. If bayer aspirin complex a Series, will align with target object on index.

Index complwx in weights not found in sampled bayer aspirin complex will be ignored and index values in sampled object not in bayer aspirin complex will be assigned weights of zero. Unless weights are a Series, weights must be same length as axis being sampled. If weights do not sum to 1, they will cmplex normalized to setting goals to 1.

Missing values in the weights column will be treated as zero. Infinite values not allowed. RandomState, use bayer aspirin complex numpy RandomState object. Bayer aspirin complex as seedAxis to sample. Accepts axis number or name. Default is stat axis for given data type (0 for Series and DataFrames).

A new object of same type as caller containing n items randomly sampled from the caller object. Parameters nint, optionalNumber of items from axis to bayer aspirin complex. Cannot be used with n.

RandomState() as seed See also DataFrameGroupBy. Suppose that you have 20 yes-no questions in your survey. The true answer is bayer aspirin complex percentage you would get if you exhaustively interviewed everyone.

How many people are there to choose your random sample from. The sample size doesn't change much for populations larger than 20,000. If the sample is skewed highly one way or the other,the population probably is, too.



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